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Tudlo: Keeping You Safe Even When Disaster Strikes

Tudlo which means ”To Teach, To Guide and To Point“ in Cebuano Language, was a mobile and web application that was initially developed for disaster awareness and management. It is a solution to help one cope with unexpected and uncontrollable events and conditions that affect one’s life.

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WebOrganic: Offering Equal e-Learning Opportunity

Technology is probably the most important educational enabler today. Yet, according to HKCSS, there are over 10,000 underprivileged students is Hong Kong do not access to the Internet at home for learning.There is not just a gap between income, but knowledge. What is the solution?

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What to Do When Your Country is Drowning

The Maldives is drowning. The island nation’s leaders have been trying their best to communicate this to the world for at least six years, though their efforts have often been ignored or swatted away by skeptics. How can we save the islands?

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