Tudlo which means ”To Teach, To Guide and To Point“ in Cebuano Language, was a mobile and web application that was initially developed for disaster awareness and management. It is, at its core, a solution to help one cope with unexpected and uncontrollable events and conditions that affect one’s life: Traffic, Road Conditions, Emergencies, Disasters, and Catastrophes. These events can potentially endanger lives, disrupt operations, cause environmental damage and bring significant change to day-to-day living. In line with this, knowledge of such events has become important to a lot of people. Knowledge allows one to react appropriately, be it through the exercise of proper disaster protocol, by taking alternative routes, or simply being able to inform one’s family and friends.

Today, Tudlo empowers organisations and individuals through Social Innovation using latest web and mobile technology to make a Social Impact for a Secure, Safer and Smarter Society.

Tudlo platform is an end-to-end solution where content publishers provides relevant guides on traffic, road conditions, emergencies and disaster; government agencies submit news feeds; concern citizens report events; locator on key establishments such as clinics, hospitals, police station and evacuation sites; and provides analytics and statistics on every situation. Tudlo, by providing reliable and up-to-date information to its customers, will address this issue and will help individual to take appropriate decisions when traffic, emergencies, hazardous road obstructions, disaster occur.

Image: Screen-captured from Tuldo’s website.
Source: Tuldo