DotAsia Organisation

DotAsia Organisation is a regional not-for-profit organization with a mission to promote Internet development and adoption around Asia. DotAsia oversees the “.Asia” top-level Internet domain name, and is formed as an open membership consortium of official domain authorities around the region, including .CN (China), .JP (Japan), .KR (Korea), .IN (India), .HK (Hong Kong), .NZ (New Zealand), .PH (Philippines), etc., and regional Internet organizations including APNIC, APNG, APCERT, SANOG and APTLD. DotAsia has a core mandate towards digital inclusion, education and research and development.

Since the launch of the “.Asia” registry in March 2008, DotAsia has been proactively contributing to the Internet and cultural community in Asia. Today, DotAsia is already supporting many community projects in the region: Relief.Asia (, ISIF.Asia (R&D Grants Fund —, CreativeCommons.Asia (, OLPC.Asia (One-Laptop-Per-Child Initiative in Asia —, DSF.Asia (Digital Solidarity Fund —, OSS.Asia (Open Source Software consortium –, Give.Asia (Crowdfunding platform for charity -, NetMission.Asia (youth volunteer program & network — and Ajitora.Asia (a future-friendly  program – .

DotAsia Foundation Limited was confirmed “being a charitable institution or trust of a public character, is exempt from tax under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance” since February 2014. 

Every “.Asia” domain contributes to the development of the Internet in Asia.  To register a “.Asia” domain, you can visit: to choose an .Asia accredited partner to register your .Asia domain.

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