Go.Asia is founded by International Martial Arts Superstar Mr. Donnie Yen, his spouse Miss Cissy Wang and DotAsia Organisation. The founders believe that changing the world is not an individual endeavour – together we can affect change within ourselves, inspire compassion, and touch the lives of others.

“I believe public figures and celebrities have the social responsibility to do good and the potential to influence and inspire others to do the same. Through Go.Asia, I hope to encourage more people to give back to their communities, and to enrich the life of another by giving something of oneself by volunteering.” – Mr. Donnie Yen

“My kids are growing up every day and I keep asking myself, “Am I giving them the best I can?” Material fulfillment is empty, real fulfillment is more fundamental. As a parent, my hope is very simple; I hope my kids can be raised in an environment free from suffering and hatred. My wish is that they can grow up in a natural environment. I don’t want to see them living in a selfish world. I support Go.Asia and hope our love and compassion will influence others.” – Miss Cissy Wang

The founders of Go.Asia, namely Mr Donnie Yen, Miss Cissy Wang and the DotAsia Organisation do not accept any responsibilities for any loss or damage whatsoever and howsoever arising from any cause whatsoever in connection with this website.

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