Ever thought of growing your fishes on your terrace or your salad on the roof? Roman is the man to make your urban farming dream come true.

Urban Farmers, a company that aims to bring sustainable urban agricultural practices into cities of the 21st century. It  is a social entrepreneur dedicated to economic, sustainable and social development in the city.

Roman Gaus, CEO and founder of Urban Farmers, has never thought he’d be a farmer. Now part of an urban farming collective in his city of Zurich, Switzerland, he harvests his own fish and produce on a regular basis. In the talk at TEDxZurich, he explains aquaponics: self-contained agriculture that relies on a symbiotic relationship between plants and fish — the fish provide nutrients for plants while the plants filter water for fish — all within portable containers made from recycled materials.

As Roman explains, urban agriculture offers the solution to grow potentially enough food in the city to feed its entire population. What’s more, it also creates healthier, wealthier and happier cities, offering consumers with fresh & quality food choices and access to better quality of life.

Check out the good video below:

Source: TED 

Photo: TED