Excessive packaging has become a major problem that we people in twenty-first century are facing. The mass amount of consumption of natural resources, energy and water has resulting in incline of global warming. Excessive packaging of food products has not only increased the cost of goods, it has also resulted in increased landfill activities.

So how can we change the excessive packaging problem? Try to avoid buying products you think are excessively or deceptively wrapped. Complain to your supermarket or the manufacturer and contact your local trading standards department if you believe a product is excessively wrapped. When choosing goods, take this into consideration whether the materials used are recyclable. Furthermore Many products such as herbs, spices and sweeteners are sold in refill packets, you can refill the original container instead of throwing it away.

Finally, cut your packaging consumption by making packed lunches at home in reusable containers such as lunch boxes and flasks. Reusing packaging will also help with the decrease in global warming, whether it be simply reusing a water bottle, or bringing your own shopping bag when grocery shopping, every little thing you do builds up to make a change.

Text by:Angelina Teng
Source : www.which.co.uk