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Leo Ku

Awarded Hong Kong’s Ten Outstanding Young Persons in 2005, Leo Ku has involved in numerous charitable activities. In 2005, Ko has established Leo Ku Children Medical Charity Fund to help children in need.

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A Zero Waste Life

What if you could live without producing any trash? Would you do it? At first you might think this is impossible or very hard, and it may very well be depending on your life situation. But one inspiring girl is not only doing this, but sharing how we can all try doing the same thing as well.

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Interesting Tree Facts

Trees are vital for our environment. Apart from serving as natural air filters, there are many interesting facts about trees that an average person maybe unaware of. This info graphic highlights some interesting tree facts and statistics.

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GOOD TO GO is a team of 18 change-makers from 16 countries extending to partners and collaborators around NYC. They have initiated the Cupcycle Project in echo to Earth Day 2014, in order to change the way New Yorkers enjoy their coffee. Read more…

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