Technology is probably the most important educational enabler today. It has the potential to create a virtual environment where a student’s potential is limited, not by their parent’s wealth or social standing, but by their own ability to learn and desire to succeed.

Yet, according to HKCSS, there are over 10,000 underprivileged students is Hong Kong do not access to the Internet at home for learning.

There are kids who started using the best-quality company when they are small, while  others who have to queue 3 hours at the public library, just for 30mins access to the internet and computer, in order to get their homework done. There is not just a gap between income, but knowledge; which becomes a huge challenge in our society.

Although our government does offer subsidy for underprivileged family in order to allow them get access to the internet, however, according to some social workers, that amount is never enough to pay for the internet. More important, these families literally do not have extra money to invest in a computer.

With its philosophy of offering Hope, Chance and Choice, WebOrganic has formulated a package of major new initiatives. They are designed to use technology to level the educational playing field and create equal learning opportunities for Hong Kong’s younger generation regardless of wealth or social status.

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