A startup from USA “Farm from a Box” is taking a different approach: a simple tool kit that can help anyone start a tech-enabled farm and grow food efficiently themselves to solve the problem of food security. With a simple installation, it can generate solar, collects rain, and powers a drip irrigation system. In a year, you can feed your whole neighborhood.

Farm from a Box built in a modified shipping container that’s designed for easy delivery to remote locations, generates solar power, and collects rainwater (or connects to a well or a city supply). Then it powers a drip irrigation system that can deliver water directly to plants, helping save water and increasing yield. In a year, a farm powered by the kit can grow enough food for 150 people.

“Rather than giving people short-term food aid, we can do better, by giving people the tools and infrastructure they need to do it on their own,” says Brandi DeCarli, one of the cofounders. “Not only do these farmers get to grow the food that they’re used to eating with their own cuisine, they get to earn income with it.” They have the opportunity to really develop their own community, and connect with the surrounding community with West Sacramento.”

Farm from a Box was chosen as one of the companies for Republic’s launch. With the funding—aiming for at least $250,000—the startup plans to launch two of its own first farms. One, in West Sacramento, will give newly resettled refugees from Bhutan and Nepal a chance to farm.

Source of Information: Fast Company

Website: Farm from a box