WWF and OniriaTBWA have teamed up to raise awareness of the global warming using a simple, yet powerful language of on-spot demonstration. The “Global Warming Menu” event was organized in Asunción, capital city of Paraguay, the hottest city in the world—they hosted a cooking session that used the asphalt as a cooker.

For the event, WWF challenged chef Rodolfo Angenscheidt to make a meal using eggs and meat, right on the sizzling ground. The cooker was painted with white contour lines on the dark grey asphalt. The heat in the capital is now an alternative to gas and electricity. The meal was then tasted by a few of the people attending the event.

The choice of the location is explained by a sad fact that today Paraguay is one of the most deforested countries in Southern America. There’re just1.7 million hectares left of the 8.8 million of the Upper Parana Atlantic Forest (BAAPA) in 1960. It means that during the past 50 years, as much as 80% of the Paraguayan native forests have been cut, leaving the land unprotected from the scorching sun. Weather Extremes Organization named Asunción the hottest city across the globe, followed by Paulo Afonso (Brazil) and Salto (Uruguay).

Source and Images: OniriaTBWA Facebook