Though transforming food waste into biogas is not any new discovery, it is still encouraging to see Asian students taking the lead to combat campus food waste at the same time generating green energy for lighting up the school.

Apart from IIM-Bengaluru graduates Sreekrishna Sankar and Mainak Chakraborty implementing it in 2015, now the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) campus in Bangkok also developed their own food digester to turn campus leftovers into electricity which is enough to power 1,000 15W LED light bulbs for 12 hours.

They started by collecting the food waste from the central AIT cafeteria, then transporting them to the project site to process. The advance development in this project is the incorporation of a centralized monitoring system which can send real-time data to a central monitoring authority. This can help to monitor the temperature, acidity and oxidation-reduction potential of the plant along with the quality of biogas from a PC anytime, anywhere.

In the future, they are looking for to be adopted on a larger scale, community-based biogas plants serving university campuses, hospitals, and the communities with linked to the Internet of Things.


Asian Institute of Technology

Bangkok Post



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