Organisation: WeTV無障礙媒體

With a global addiction to social media that is transforming the way in which we interact with each other, the deaf & blind community stands to benefit more than most in this digital revolution. Globally,  Google map provides wheelchairs accessibilities option, we can see many social media arising in different communities in recent years.

Guide Dog for the Blind

Funded by the HSBC 150th Anniversary Charity Programme, WeTV is the first online TV platform run by body disabled in Hong Kong. Operated by Hong Kong Federation of the Blind, WeTV aims to provide a media platform for talents with disabilities to access audiences out of the mainstream media. Through visiting their official YouTube channel, you can enjoy a wide ranges of programs like news report, sign language education, useful tips as well as documentaries  which are suitable not only for hearing, visually & physically impaired, but also the general public that help strengthen the society’s imagination and deepen understanding of people with disabilities.

In the long run, WeTV aims to promote universal cultural acceptance and social inclusion in Hong Kong and  look froward to extending this tradition to other Asian communities.

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