It may sound ridiculous to eat plastic but researchers at a Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation turn the impossible to possible as they have developed edible plastic from vegetables.

Embrapa Instrumental, a state- owned research enterprise affiliated with the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, combined dehydrated food with a nanomaterial which has a setting function to create edible plastic films . It is the first time in the world to create plastic from fruits.

The edible vegetable-turn-plastic has similar property as ordinary plastic, for example its resistance and texture. The rapid dehydration process, which turns the food from solid to gas directly, also helps to keep its nutritional value.

The edible plastic can reduce wasted material for packaging. A natural molecule called chitosan is added to the food plastic increase its shelf life. The scientist believed they would focus more on the production process of food plastic before searching for the possible partnership with companies to launch the product to market.

Source & Photo: Taiwan Environmental Information Centre