The methodology for YMI is laid out in a matrix of the 3 Core Sectors: Education Mobility; Employment Mobility; and, Entrepreneurship Mobility; across 5 Mobility Vectors: Outbound Mobility; Inbound Mobility; Startup Mobility; Sustainability Factor; and, Internet Factor.  Each of the (3×5=) 15 Components are built on 4 Dimensions, with a total of 60 Indicator Compounds.  216 socio-economic indicators were used across 20 localities in Asia for the inaugural YMI 2018 rankings.

DotAsia created the Youth Mobility Index to empower young Asians setting out to change the world. We believe that a collaborative Asia means a peaceful and prosperous Asia.  Mobility enhances understanding, encourages interchange and promotes tolerance across the diverse socio-cultural landscape of Asia, enabling a platform conducive to collaboration.

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