Denise Ho (HOCC) is one of the famous female singer in Hong Kong. Her music career was launched in 1996, after she won the 15th New Talent Singing Awards. Her victory not only earned her a recording contract with Capital Artists Limited but also a chance to become the only female apprentice of her childhood idol, Anita Mui.

She continued as the Orbis Student Ambassador 2006 and visited Vietnam, she has also been the ambassador of Oxfam, Orbis, Yan Oi Tong, etc. In 2007, she has established her own charitable fund, named HOCC Charity Fund. Without limiting to any specific target group, the foundation aims to offer help through services and donations to as many people in need as possible, the elderly, the sick, the poor, the young, and the disabled, mainly doing the share for a happier and kinder world.

Causes Supported:
Children & Youth, Elderly, Health & Medicine, Disable, Poverty

Source of Information:
Denise Ho’s Blog
HOCC Charity Fund’s Facebook Page

Photo Credit: HOCC | FACEBOOK