Connie Chan, popularly known as Princess of Theatre Fans, is a famous actress in films and Cantonese operas. Born in a family of the traditional operatic arts, Chan entered the showbiz industry and started her film career at 12. After decades of performances in Chinese operas and movies, she finally acted as a stage play actress again for the widely-acclaimed A Sentimental Journey in 1999.

In recent years, Chan has always spent her utmost in providing services back to the community like raising fund for the elderly and making contributions for many kinds of charitable functions. The charitable organizations she has helped raising fund for include Joyful (Mental Health) Foundation, Oxfam and so on. She was also Oxfam Ambassador and Honorary Charitable Ambassador of Hong Kong Blood Cancer Foundation.

Causes Supported:
Arts & Culture, Elderly, Emergency Relief, Health & Medicine, Poverty, Education

Source of Information:
Hong Kong Cinemagic
Hong Kong Art & Design Festival

Photo Credit:  RTHK