It is commonly accepted that access to clean water is a fundamental human right. In sub-Saharan Africa, in countries such as Liberia, Zimbabwe and Malawi this right is not at all universal.

The problems is, in Africa, usually, it’s women and girls who are responsible for collecting water in pots and wash buckets from wells and scraped holes in the ground that are often dirty and unsafe. They walk, on average, six kilometres a day, carrying 20 litres of water at a time. These journeys expose them to sexual violence and even animal attack.

So, international water NGO Pump Aid has investigated Elephant Pump. The Elephant Pump is an extremely simple hand water pump, it can also supply water for irrigating fruit trees and growing food crops.  The Pumps are so easy to use that children as young as five years old can pump out a bucket full of water. To ensure the longevity of a project, Pump Aid engage the community’s Water Point Committee to take responsibility for their pump and sanitation by training them in its care and maintenance.

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Remarks:  International water NGO Pump Aid exists to bring appropriate, affordable and sustainable water and sanitation solutions to rural Africa, and determined to end water poverty. Pump Aid improves community health and wellbeing through innovative, cost effective and sustainable technology.