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「土壤是糧食、飼料、燃料和纖維生產的基礎。沒有了土壤,地球無法供養生命。而土壤一旦流失,就無法在人類的生命周期之內恢復。」全球土壤研討會議主持人,FAO副總幹事Maria Helena Semedo說,「目前的土壤劣化速度和程度已經威脅到未來世代的需求。」按此了解更多。

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To Protect Our Soil Resources

“Soil is the basis for food, feed, fuel and fiber production. Without soils we cannot sustain life on Earth, and where soil is lost it cannot be renewed on a human timeline,” said Maria Helena Semedo, deputy director-general of the UN FAO. It is a bit late, yet, we all have to do something to protect our soil! Read more…

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我們經常提到最珍惜食物、珍惜地球上的資源,而「水」在其中擔當著極為重要的角色。 說水是「生命之源」,相信沒有人是反對。但大家對水的了解又有多少?  「水的奥秘」是一部解構水的紀錄片。假如你 …...

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Water: The Great Mystery

As we all know, water is basically the source of every life in this earth. No one can live without it. If you are interested in deeper knowledge of the water you drink, how it effects your body, why do we need to protect this natural resources, check it out.

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超級颱風海燕(Haiyan/Yolanda)夾帶強陣風及豪大雨,肆虐菲律賓中部地區,據聯合國人道事務協調辦公室(OCHA)初步統計,海燕颱風重創菲律賓中部36個省份,受災民眾超過430萬人;而光在重災區雷伊泰省(Leyte)首府塔克羅班市(Tagloban City),就造成上萬民眾死亡。Second Harvest Asia 正於日本及美國籌集救援物資,並透過菲律賓紅十字會 or 菲律賓社會福利和發展部。詳情按此。

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Disaster Response: Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines

The Super Typhoon Yolanda hit Philippines has caused at least 10,000 people are feared to have been killed, whereas thousands of survivors are still desperately waiting for the aid effort to reach them. Second Harvest Asia is planning to send food from Japan and/or the U.S. to the Philippines through Philippine Red Cross and Department of Social Welfare and Development. Click here for details.

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印度慈善組織 RRHEDS 發起了一系列基本設備及供水設施的安裝工程。至今己成功安裝了五組供水設施。RRHEDS 現正向全球募捐,善款將為印度偏遠貧窮地區的學校及學童提供濾水設備以及其餘基礎設施,如長椅、太陽能照明系統、電腦等。

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