Lee Min Ho recently opened a donation platform with campaigns that can help people who are in need.

According to Lee Min Ho’s management representative on June 13th, “Actor Lee Min Ho opened a donation platform called ‘PROMIZ’, and he will make wider participation in donation activities.”

‘PROMIZ’ comes from the real word “promise,” the star’s name, and “MINOZ” which is the name of the actor’s official fan club. Lee Min Ho also has a lot of plans for this campaign platform and will promote new campaigns and different activities each year.

The first project for “PROMIZ” is focused on healthy water resources, a necessity for all living organisms.
For every member who will joins the site, Lee Min Ho will donate 100 KRW and the all the proceeds from the products that will be sold through the site will be donated to those who are in need.
Lee Min Ho, despite of his busy schedule, is able to show what a good heart he has by taking some time to care for other people. Now, Lee Min Ho will surely use his “PROMIZ” campaign to help out the world’s needy people.

Promiz Webpage:

Lee Min Ho – “Promiz”/PMZ Launching Party Greeting

Source: KpopStarz.com
Photo: PMZ facebook