Self Rescue Bracelet is an expanding flotation device that a swimmer can activate if they run into difficulties in the water.

Even the strongest swimmers can find themselves in an emergency situation and in need of rescue. Cramping of the leg is an example of how such an emergency might arise. Self Rescue Bracelet could prevent a tragedy from occurring.

The compressed air within this bracelet (or neckband) can be made to expand rapidly when the bracelet is pulled. The pulling action breaks a barrier between the compressed air chamber and the larger surrounding chamber. The compressed air rushes out of its chamber to rapidly expand the bracelet and create a floatation device. In its un-inflated form, the bracelet is thin and light, and will create minimal drag on the swimmer’s wrist.

Red dot award / design: Wu Xuexing, Zhu Linghui, Zhu Peizheng

Source: red dot