Are you always worrying about not managed to eat the food before it has gone bad? A high school student from India, Kavita Shukla, has invented a kind of special food wrap, named as “FreshPaper”, to help solving this problem. With this invention, food is being wasted far less!

This experience ain’t nothing new – you bought a bunch of fresh veggies and fruits, one week later, sadly you have to put them into the bins because they have already rotten. All these food waste accounts up to one third of the global food spoilage every year.

“Our customers hail our product as ‘drying paper for crops’. As long as you put a piece of FreshPaper into drawer, paper box or on fruit plate, food can be immediately kept fresh for longer.” Shukla told.

FreshPaper is now available in the Whole Foods (chained supermarket in USA), enabling Shukla to implement her dream – for every one FreshPaper sold, one will be donated to places such as the affected areas in New York and New Jersey after the hurricane hit.

What Shukla wants to remind people is, as we know more about the issue of food waste, and how much damage we do to the resources on our planet earth on every single time we eat, we will be able to think about it is all closely related to water, energy, land resources and so on. Given the economic recession taking place in many countries in the world, public has been gaining awareness on the importance of avoiding food waste. People now realize that their responsibility of reserving food for the future or the needy. To prevent the food crisis, people are now more willing to buy less food and work a bit harder on saving the food instead of wasting.

Today, Shukla has a new vision for her business. She wished to expand her product to local lunch suppliers and cooperate with the NGOs in developing countries. Shukla said, “Elongating food shelf life brings a great change to people’s life.”


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