Candy Chea is a veteran broadcaster who has dedicated herself to volunteer work for more than 30 years since the 70’s. Inspired by her mother, Chea regularly visits and takes care of the elderly. Since her childhood, she aspired to bring laughter and resources to the vulnerable elderly and the poor.

Because of her occupation, Chea related people from different sectors and all walks of life, including the beneficiaries and generous donors. Chea perceives herself as a bridge between the two parties in which she can match the needy and the donors to make wonderful things happened. Chea altruistically devotes her limited spare time to take up volunteer work enthusiastically and sincerely. The scope of her services is multi-faceted and sustaining. She was appointed as a Board Member of the Hong Kong Kidney Foundation Limited in 2001 to assist in promotion campaigns, health education and fund-raising, etc. Chea is consultant, committee council member or fellow member of various volunteering service institutions, and has participated in over 100 functions held by service and charity institutions. Chea is also the founding member of the Hong Kong Volunteer Awardees Society. In 2008, Chea has received The First Hong Kong Volunteer Award presented by Agency for Volunteer Service. Chea has recently received the “Chief Executive’s Commendation for Community Service” award.

Causes Supported:
Children & Youth, Elderly, Emergency Relief, Health & Medicine, Poverty

Source of Information:
Winner of the Hong Kong Volunteer Award