Tom Hiddleston is an English actor who has appeared in films such as Thor, War Horse and The Avengers. He has been a Unicef supporter since January 2013 and he is the Unicef Ambassador in UK. When he visited Guinea to see how Unicef works in East Africa. As a supporter of Unicef’s work for children, Tom met with Guinean children and families to hear their stories and see how Unicef supports them on the ground. He visited several Unicef projects, finding out about our work in child protection, education, water and sanitation, hunger and malnutrition.

In February 2015, Tom travelled with Unicef to South Sudan to see our work to protect children in emergencies. Over 16,000 children have been forcibly recruited into South Sudan’s war and over 250,000 children are malnourished. Tom has called on the UK government to step up and do more to protect children from violence and protect their education in emergencies.

Cause of Supported: ChildrenHealthHuman RightsPoverty

Source: Look to the Stars / Unicef UK

Photo Credit: Unicef UK

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