Organisation: JCI Habour – Junior Chamber International Hong Kong

Detail: The Doggy Doctor project is to raise public awareness on the nature and benefit of human-animal interaction and animal-assisted activities. Our project consists of three parts:

1)    An in-depth research study (in the form of an online survey) conducted by Dr Paul W.C. Wong, Associate Professor from the University of Hong Kong Department of Social Work and Social Administration, to examine the physical, physiological and social impacts that companion animals have on companion animal owners.

2)    Site visit to Hong Kong Christian Service Early Education and Training Centre with our animal associations Hong Kong Animal Assisted Therapy Association (HKAATA) and Hong Kong Institute of Animal Assisted Intervention(HKIAAI) to introduce the benefits of therapy dogs.

3) A press conference cum fun fair activity to reveal the survey findings and promote the benefits of human-animal interaction and animal assisted activities.

Background: As  a certified local charitable organization as well as a subsidiary chapter of Junior Chamber International Hong Kong (JCIHK), which in turn is affiliated with the worldwide leadership development movement, Junior Chamber International(JCI). The purpose of our organization is to provide development opportunities to empower young people to create positive change in society, and each year we organize a multitude of projects to achieve this purpose.

Duration: Survey: June – July 2016

Therapy dogs sit visit – July 24th 2016

Press conference and Fun fair – August 7th 2016

Website: Facebook / Survey Link

Region: Hong Kong

Source of Information: JCI Harbour – Junior Chamber International Hong Kong