Watercress is an excellent candidate for hydroponic gardens. It grows in wet areas in nature, which makes it ideally suited to a hydroponic growing system. The root system is not large. Watercress is a light plant that will not require additional support. It can be grown in a simple tabletop hydroponic setup

•  prepare a base-sealed container, such as styrofoam box
•  fill the box with pond soil, keep it moist by adding some water
•  Examine the watercress to find stalks with roots. If you buy watercress at the grocery store,  cut the stalks from the roots up to 2-3 inches long, and place them into the soil
•  Watercress needs ample moisture to grow, so water the plants every day to keep the compost damp. You may apply rice-water as fertiliser as well
•  In about 1- 2 weeks time, the watercress will be established and growing. They are ready to feed. You may simply cut the tender upper part off and roots left behind will keep growing new watercress

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Source: MetroPop