Organizer: Central Venue Management Limited

Crop Circles – First Time in Central!

Green Summer Festival is a cooperation of community events brought together for the first time on the Central Harbourfront Event Space within the bustling Central Business District.

Open to the public free of charge Green Summer Festival will feature more than 20 events and workshops that members of the public can participate in, combining arts, culture, sustainable living and urban farming concepts and activities to encourage the local community to join hands and adopt a greener lifestyle for a greener Hong Kong. Commencing on August 16 and spanning eight weekends through to October 5, Green Summer Festival will kick off with huge crop circles, designed for urban farming demonstrations and providing the public with their own little urban plot for the duration of the Festival. Other events include flea market, film night, talks and workshops, art festival, music events and more. Come join us and make this summer a Green one!

An Interactive, Entertaining Experience
Presented and organised by Central Venue Management, co-organised by The Organic Farm, Green Summer Festival will be held at the Central Habourfront Event Space overlooking the beautiful skyline of Victoria Harbour. Programme content has been developed around 8 themes, namely green, health, art, music, dance, film, animals and family. Collaborating with various local groups, organisations, creative talents and individuals who share the same vision and passion, Central Venue Management provides a unique and exceptional venue within which collaborative partners can create interactive experiences and host a variety of entertainment addressing the importance of building a green society for all of us. “Farming Guides” will be on hand for the duration of the Green Summer Festival to brief visitors on urban organic farming and teach them various farming techniques. Participants will enjoy real farming fun!

Urban Farming, Joys of Natural Living
Living a fast-paced city life surrounded by numerous skyscrapers, humans have become increasingly detached from Mother Earth. Most of the food needed by urbanites is transported from faraway villages, often in distant countries, across continents. The food manufacturing, packaging and transportation processes all lead to pollution and waste. In recent years many people around the globe have started to adopt a simpler and back-to-basics lifestyle, utilizing what’s available in their surroundings such as abandoned land, parks, rooftops, balconies and even windowsills to create their own growing plots. Soil, sunlight and water are all that it takes to grow fresh, delicious vegetables for a healthy diet. A new way of living, dubbed “Half-Farmer-Half-X” has emerged as more individuals awaken to a whole new level of consciousness. Here in Hong Kong the Green Summer Festival will introduce urban farming and the joys of natural living to the local community to encourage this healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. Come see how each of us can be a bit more GREEN!

Central Venue Management Limited has been awarded the contract from the HKSAR Government, through an open tender, for the exclusive right to operate and manage the Central Harbourfront Event Space and a range of events and activities on site, effective May 2014.

Date: 2014-08-16 to 2014-10-05
Time: 1100 – 1900 (2014-09-08, 10-01, 10-04 / 1100 – 2300)
Entry: Free Entry
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Nature: Hands-on

Region: Hong Kong

Source:Green Summer Festival