Founded in 2017, Wheel For Oneness has been strives to promote the importance of embracing social and community inclusion for people with and without disabilities through meaningful innovative workshops and events.

Wheel For Oneness brings together the power of the education, politic, business, sports and the public to launch the first 12-hour continuous wheelchairs pushing event, we will have disabled children and adult on our wheel barrow, creating opportunities for mutual understanding and getting along, and creating a world Guinness record with non-disabled and disabled people.

The funds raised will be donated to support the purchase of adaptive tools, and implementation of sign-language workshops and sighted guide training so one can be proficient in guiding visually impaired runners after deducting the necessary expenses.

Application: Click Here

Application fee:

Individual: HKD200 / Group (10 – 12 Persons): HKD200

Website: Wheel for Oneness

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