There are a lot of unwanted funitures over refuse rooms can be found in Hong Kong everyday. It is all because replacing old furnitures with the new one has become a practice.  Indeed, some of them might be damaged, but many of them are not.  Many resources have been wasted in such a way.
Mr. Hui, an old man lives and owns his shop (selling leather belts and wallets) in Taipo, who cares much about the wood. By collecting the unwanted wooden furnitures from the refuse rooms, with his craftsmanship, which allows the wood to come alive again.

Address:  G/F, 71B Fun Shin Street, Tai Po Market, Tai Po, NT

Source: 唔幫襯地產商的聖誕 facebook
Image: 唔幫襯地產商的聖誕 facebook