Korean company Design Hara loves the Earth in a brilliant way. Their earth-loving concept applies onto everyday aspects of technology, design and living. They fully utilize resources into the very last bit to produce highly-efficient, energy-saving as well as low carbon emitted environmental computers.

Collecting the second-hand materials such as worn out yet reusable computers and electrical components, then assembling with high-end in-built parts with cypress wood or rose wood, the eco-friendly computer is crafted. Another valuable asset is that it consumes only 60Watt of electricity per hour. Apart from mini desktop computers, there are as well handcrafted wooden keyboards, SlimPC, USB, hard-drive, speakers, audio products, etc.

Based on the environmental driven concept, Design Hara’s product uses only screening harmless materials, such as natural wood for the side panels which are not chemically antiseptic treatment known as carcinogen.

Source & image: Design Hara