Green has replace the Black in every trend, from fashion to lifestyle. Everyone, particularly the build environment industry partitioners,  is looking forward for a book, a toolkit, to guide everyone to make the indoor garden happens.

Here we go, The Greenroof. 

Since 1 July 2012, there was a new construction law launched in Taiwan, which is all about to increase the green ratio for every building. Architecture is no longer just about the form and materials being used, but also how to integrate the green, the nature, the habitat into architecture.

The Greenroof  was edited by Taiwan Green Roof and Green Wall Association, published in October 2012. This is the first ever book talking about greenroof in Taiwan. There you can find overseas case studies as well as some other under going green roof and green wall projects from Taiwan. The Q&A section will show you the ways, tools needed, materials information, etc. and tell you how to make things happened.

Check this out online / from bookstores!

About Taiwan Green Roof and Green Wall Association (台灣綠屋頂暨立體綠化協會)

Taiwan Green Roof and Green Wall Association was established in 2011 by a group of peple who have strong passion towards environment conservation. With very different backgrounds, but they all have the same dream: to create a green skyline in Taiwan. The Association joined World Green Infrastructure Network (WGIN) in July 2011, together with the rest in the world to explore ways to save our planet.

Source: Taiwan Green Roof and Green Wall Association