A 26 years old software engineer founded his own voluntary tutorship center helping the needy secondary school’s students to look up voluntary tutors with his online matching software and website.

With the extreme disparity between the rich and the poor, some students may lose the opportunity to have tertiary education just because they cannot afford tutorship after school. 

“It is not fair that some people can afford study overseas even their school results were poor. The rest who cannot afford, they will end up driving minibus or being a sale person.” Ho said.

“My own influence is very limited but I would like to utilize my strength on writing software to help matching the voluntary teachers with the needy students. With the software, the whole process become more effective and save a lot of administration cost.” Ho added.

Ho’s website started at November 2012, just in the first two months, 700 voluntary and students had enrolled as members in which 40% of the students are repeater.

We don’t have budget for promotion, therefore, we promote our service through facebook, discussion forum, fortunately, we have arouse a big interest. We have eight core members now and all of us volunteers, included university students, working class.

Translated and summarized from Chinese content
Source: Apple Daily
Photo: Hong Kong Volunteer Tutors