Harr was invited to ring the opening bell for Twitter’s IPO at the New York Stock Exchange.

Ten-year-old Vivienne Harr started her philanthropic business since she was eight after seeing a photo of two boys, her age, from Nepal living in modern-day slavery. She simply started with a lemonade stand to raise money for the ending childhood slavery cause, and she wouldn’t stop selling lemonade until she reached that goal. By day 173, after a dose of media attention, she hit $101,000 in sales.

Vivienne said: “Compassion is not compassion without action.” She told her parents that she wasn’t going to stop until child slavery no longer existed.

In early 2014, with the help of her father, Vivienne turned her ideals into a real business. Make A Stand lemonade, which donates 5% from each sale to the company’s foundation, is now available across the country. But the Harrs still wanted to do more.

On October 1, armed with investments from an array of high-profile people, including Twitter founders Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone, the family launched StandApp. StandApp is a crowd funding platform designed to raise money for nonprofits specifically on mobile devices.

For now, users can only launch campaigns on StandApp to raise money for 25 hand-selected nonprofits, including Donors Choose, Doctors Without Borders, and WildAid. More groups will be added over time

“We may feel small or insignificant. But, it doesn’t matter how small you are. What matters is how big you want to change the world.” Vivienne Harr said.

Even a 10-year-old is able to do something to make a difference. We can do something, too!

Source: Co.Exist  /by: ARIEL SCHWARTZ
Photo: Co.Exist