Many people may now know the importance of bees; however, they are currently the centre of attention of scientists and companies because of the decline in their population. You may think that it doesn’t concern you if their numbers continue to drop right?  However, bees play an important part in agriculture, especially with the food you eat.

The plants that pollinates from honeybees help grow crops, fruits and vegetables. If their population continues to decrease, the fresh ingredients that many consumers relay on may not be sufficient and availability will be affected. So in order to provide the residents with the message that food production is crucial, the University Heights Whole Foods Market store removed products in the supermarkets and grocery stores that highly depend on bees and other pollinators in order to produce. See the “after effect” below:

So, could you now realise how important bees are to us?

Source: Grist
Special Credit: Jianne Soriano