Hospitals Beyond Boundaries (HBB) was founded in 2012 by a group of young students in Malaysia driven by a mission to help build hospitals where they are needed most. As a registered non-governmental organisation in Malaysia. The co-founders,  Dr Mohd Lutfi Fadil Lokman and his classmate Dr Wan Abdul Hannan, wish to establish the Social Health Enterprise Model(SHE)  in healthcare business so as to provide free medications and consultation beyond boundaries. Malaysia ranks in 6th of the Youth Mobility Index(YMI) by DotAsia, demonstrating advantages over Sustainability factor in Well-being emphasis and also leading in Education workforce over Startup Mobility.

Believe in Young Malaysia Power expanding Free medical services in SE Asia

When Dr Lutfi was a medical student in Universitas Padjadjaran in Bandung, Indonesia, he lived among the poor communities of Bandung for three years. His observation inspired him about how to provide healthcare for the poor as poverty and illness always go hand-in-hand, and tackling one solves the other. “One thing special about HBB is we are founded and run by young people, and we are supported by young people in Malaysia.” Dr Mohd Lutfi Fadil Lokman said. They trained volunteers from various backgrounds even without experience in medical trainings at all to do basic healthcare procedure in mobile clinic in South East Asia like Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia.

Dr Lutfi believes that the social health enterprise (SHE)  as HBB did with an objective to fulfill a public health purpose can become a showcase to other followers.  “It uses market-based mechanisms to operate, but its aim is to solve community’s health problems. All profits are reinvested for the improvement and extension of services or used for public health programs for the benefit of the wider community”.

In 2015, HBB started running a community clinic and a maternity hospital for the poor in Cambodia.

Since 2012, Beyond Boundaries has trained and served more than 3,000 people. HBB branched out into mobile clinics in Cambodia and Malaysia. In 2015, they gained enough funds to buy a piece of land in Cambodia to run a community clinic and a maternity hospital for the poor in Cambodia. Local youths who are employed as community health workers to complement the work of HBB doctors, nurses and other health professionals.  “We believe that empowerment of the community, rather than charity, is the key to sustainability. and we aim to be different by minimising the cultural differences between patients and healthcare providers,” Afterall, Dr Lutfi look forward to seeing more people to be volunteer in society-beneficial organisations that fit one’s passion and purpose.

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