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More Than Honey

More Than Honey is a documentary by Markus Imhoof who travelled to four continents in order to interview scientists and bee-keepers about having bee farms. “If bees were to disappear from the globe…mankind would have four years left to live.” These words, quoted in the film, could be prophetic: Bees are dying in record numbers, for reasons scientists don’t fully understand.

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How our supermarkets would look like if all the bees died off?

Many people may now know the importance of bees; however, they are currently the centre of attention of scientists and companies because of the decline in their population. You may think that it doesn’t concern you if their numbers continue to drop right? However, bees play an important part in agriculture, especially with the food you eat.

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Who Killed the Bees?

Because of the decrease in beehive population, in order to pollinate one California crop, almonds it would take 60% of the country’s beehive to do so. Worse, California almonds distributes to 80% of the country’s total almonds supply. Based on research and new studies conducted by scientist, a shocking new discovery has been found regarding the decline and drop in population of bee that pollinate $30 billion of USA’s crops.

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