We have been talking so much about Food Waste, here we would like to talk about the naked truth about how packaging can help you waste less food. The research below is based on data in UK, but still, it is a good reference for us.

–  7.2 million tonnes of food and drink are thrown away every year, which is 19% of all the food we buy, that’s a massive, and which  would fill 9 Wembley Stadiums

–  In which, 4.4 million tonnes could have been eaten, they produce 17 million tonnes CO2, the same amount of CO2 produced by 1/5 of all cars

–  And 2.6 million tonnes weren’t used in time, yet these costs us £6.7billon (HK$ 82.4 billion)

–  88% of people think that packaging is a bigger or equal problem to food waste, but compare the CO2 emissions of the food we buy and the packaging it comes in, CO2 emitted from food is 15 times of CO2 emitted from packaging

–  61% of people think fruit and veg goes off quicker in its packaging and 13% know that storing food in its original packaging will keep it fresher for longer.

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Source: Love Food Hate Waste