If life in a future megacity isn’t for you, your hour of escape is fast approaching. Especially if you don’t mind living alone in a 14 x 7 x 7-foot pod. Well, what if I told you the view was fantastic?

Ecocapsule, which calls itself “the first truly independent micro-home,” is a new, teeny tiny smart home powered entirely by the sun and the wind. It can serve as your beachfront cottage, stylish mountaineering tent, or modern day yurt. You can take it just about anywhere, hitched to the back of your electric car—which, by the way, the Ecocapsule’s 9700 Watt-hour battery will happily charge for you.

As with most smart homes, clever features abound: The capsule has membrane water filters installed into its upper surface, which remove bacteria from rainwater before funneling it to a designated tank beneath the floor. The walls are padded with high performance thermal insulation, helping to reduce energy requirements and maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. It’s even got a proper loo, for those who were always averse to going in the woods.


Written by: Maddie Stone


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