The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) had brought back the Community Market to the younger generation! Through it’s just a pop up market, you can find traditional street snacks, organic skin care product, upcycling bag, organic vegetables and more. It is not only for selling products, but it is a chance for the shop owners to share their mission and vision to the students.

CUHK launched “I‧CARE Programme” aiming to promote a “whole-person” development for students through social and civic engagement. This particular community market helps to link the school and the community together and bring the concept of cooperation, fair trade, green life, sustainability cultivation to the school.

“We hope students will learn more about social enterprise in Hong Kong and go beyond the existence of chain stores and shopping malls. We make our fortune with our hands” told Au Hei Man, founder of Mapopo Community Farm who had set up her stall and selling local organic vegetables in the community market.

Source: Tai Kung Po
Photo: Ming Pao