Tea Talk Café – A café beyond serving a cup of Vietnamese coffee

Tea Talk Café is an innovative social enterprise. It creates employment opportunities for young social workers in Hanoi where related jobs are limited, though the immense social needs. The concept is to provide a place linking like-minded together to share ideas and even news about recruitment opportunity. This social worker network benefits fresh graduates particularly.

Youth employment started here 

All these ideas came from the founder’s personal experience and Vietnamese culture. Social work in Vietnam is about 30 years behind in terms of professional development. Fresh graduates especially who are not strong in the use of English might face difficulties in getting employment. While local NGOs tend to employ those can speak English with working experiences, someone somewhere needs to bridge this gap.

For this reason, Tea Talk Café offers a temporary job for fresh graduate. By working in the café, local young people will have the opportunity to communicate with English speaking foreign customers and practice their English on daily basis. The café owner will also recommend their well-trained employees to NGOs for employment. This cycle will keep running with a nice cup of Vietnamese coffee.

Source of Information & Photo: Tea Talk Cafe

Contributor: Sam Kong