Sharing, Co-living, Carpool, Co-working. The future is the era of collaboration.

Similarly, the world needs a group of people working closely to start a project to deal with the coming social problem. Indeed, there are lots of people who have the vision and passion wanted to contribute the society by their expertise. However, these group of people, restricted by the traditional working hours, might be difficult to form a group to work on social issues. Therefore, there is a program designer from New Zealand called Joshua Vial. He established an online co-working tool called Enspiral aiming to find a successful formula for addressing social problems.

The operation model of Enspiral is simple. This is a community that every participant can join the project to make their opinions, participation, decision, even financial investing so as to achieve the best practice of democracy in community projects. Therefore, it is an ideal place for people who have talents to find a work they really enjoy and make a contribution to the society by starting a project through this online co-working platform. In recent years, a number of participants and beneficiary are growing and the number of social enterprises was established through Enspiral. The case of Loomio, an open-source web application, helps groups make better decisions together. Actually, lots of cooperates and government bodies are using Loomio for achieving better decision and communication. The concept of working closely earned an interconnected network for corporates to share networks, clients, and even financial investment. This is what the reason why the team of Ensprial truly believe that they have the mission to bring people together and make them successful in their business easier by the use of big data and working closely.

Contributor: Sam Kong

Source of Information: Enspiral