On the WildLife Conservation Day 2017, Instagram announced a new policy to ensure  its platform would not be used to exploit wildlife. As a response to the illegal ape trading account found in this summer reported by New York Times that animal traffickers were using Instagram to buy and sell endangered apes, Instagram officially added new language to its Help Center to remind users to be a eco-conscious selfiers.

“to be mindful of the environment around them when taking the perfect photo or selfie and of their interactions with wild animals, and consider whether an animal has been smuggled, poached, or abused for the sake of tourism.”

When anyone search any keywords about trafficking, wildlife, or animal exploitation by hashtag,  a new content advisory will appear to help educate users about the creation of content that may exploit wildlife and the natural world around them.

Protecting Wildlife and Nature from Exploitation

Source of Information:

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Photo Credit : Unplash