In Japan, one of the most famous national dailies invented a one hundred percent sustainable newspaper, “The Mainichi “. You can rip up the paper into small pieces, plant it in a regular flower pot, water it and in a few days – “poof” you got a new plant.

This invention is called “Green Newspaper” and was invented by the publisher of the famous Japanese daily, The Mainichi Shimbunsha. How this works is that the paper is made with recyclable materials and has seeds embedded within the paper. The ink is made with vegetables and acts as the fertiliser. So you can imagine: seeds+vegetables (fertiliser)+ watering it = a lovely new plant which is only good for the environment.

Paper that can be planted is not news. It has been on the market for some years and is a mixture of recycled paper, water and small flowers or herbs seeds (it can also be easily made at home). And it can be re-used in a creative way: once you’ve finished with it, don’t throw it, rather tear it into small pieces, plant and water it and within a few weeks you’ll unexpectedly have plants and flowers.

The eco-friendly newspaper has had a huge success, a circulation of over four million copies a day across the country and revenues of about eighty million yen, equivalent to over $700,000. The initiative has also involved schools, in order to raise children’s awareness on environmental issues and teach them the importance of recycling. Because in order to reduce CO2 emissions generated by traditional waste disposal systems we should recycle waste materials, and paper most of all.

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Source of information: Lifegate / The Mainichi Shimbunsha