Right in the heart of the city, Edible Gardens is started as a social enterprise by 3 eco-conscious musketeers who are passionate to champion “Growing Your Own Food” movement in land-scarce and import-dependent Singapore – where food safety and security are taken for granted.

Edible Gardens’s mantra: Beautiful gardens should be productive too. By providing bespoke edible gardens consultancy in tropical urban environment with post-installation sustainability, the team has more than 10 years’ of farming, award-winning design and construction experience. The understand farming & subscribe to sustainable natural growing methods, resource recycling and waste minimisation.

Bjorn Low is an Urban farmer and the founder of Edible Gardens. He hopes to help everyone in Singapore understand the importance of food growing.

The Urban Farmer from Singaporean of the Day on Vimeo.

Source: Edible “Garden City” Project Facebook

Photo: Vimeo, our little green dot