By coincidence, we have come across this interesting campaign “Ding <叮一聲> ” initiated by a graphic designer / illustrator from Macau, Un Chi Wai (袁志偉) .

“The feeling of being encouraged is so good. To me, it is really meaningful if one can show your support and care to the others by encouraging them when they feel depressed, frustrated, sad etc., at some points in their lives.” said Chi Wai.

Chi Wai, as a graphic designer and illustrator,prints his lovely drawings and meaningful texts on postcard and distributes them to the local community for free, with only one simply purpose: to spread the power of encouragement .

We believe everyone has the ability to contribute something good to our community. Don’t look down on yourself.

Chi Wai will appear with his postcards somewhere in Macau once a week. Stay tuned with his facebook  if you want to know more about this campaign.

Source: 袁志偉 Chi Wai Un’s facebook
Photo: 袁志偉 Chi Wai Un’s facebook