The lovely potatoes will become poisoned when there are new sprouts, which are not safe to eat. But throwing them away seems to be a waste, so what to do with the sprouting potatoes?

They are definitely not safe to eat, but we can use them to grow the new potatoes!


•  Before planting potatoes, place the spuds you want to plant in a warm, sunny spot. The warmth will encourage sprouting, and exposure to sunlight makes the skins turn green and bitter. This makes them less appetizing to critters.
•  cut the sprouting potatoes into half, or into pieces that have at least three puckered “eyes” on each piece.
•  After you cut the potatoes let them sit overnight to dry out the cut so they will not rot.
•  Place the potatoes in a box, plant them cut side down and sprouts on top, then cover the potatoes with 2 inches of soil. ( no worries if the soil covered the entire sprouts, it won’t harm)
•  You will see the sprouts come out in a few weeks time. You may pull them off and just leave the strongest two behind for better quality of new potatoes.
•  Check the potatoes every week and add more hay as needed. The hay will help keep the soil cool.
•  Adding 1/2 tablespoon of lime powder or egg shells every week.
•  Harvest the potatoes when the vines are dead; this will take around 3 months. Be careful not to poke or squeeze the potatoes when you harvest them. Try to harvest the potatoes in good weather. Allow the potatoes to dry in a cool place. Keeping the potatoes dry and cool is important for preventing rot.

For original, please refer to Chinese Verison

Source: MetroPop