Organization: TVP


Ÿ    To discover, develop, promote and maintain the talents of young sport players in Kilimanjaro.

Ÿ    To guide and supervise the sport teams and sport individuals of the club.

Ÿ    To train talented athletes.

Ÿ    To improve the quality of sport and recreation activities in Kilimanjaro.

Ÿ    To improve the livelihoods of the youth in Kilimanjaro by promoting their talents.

Ÿ    To create job opportunities through sports.

Ÿ    To be an example and an inspiration to young people in Tanzania.

Background: Sport plays a vital role in society and has been proven to: Improve physical and mental health and overall well-being, promote education and benefits of learning, discipline and teamwork, promote active citizenship and good governance, reduce a young person’s chances of becoming involved in crime, drugs and other anti-social behavior and improve economic prospects.

Duration: Available Now

Website: Click Here

Nature: Educational/ Hands-on

Region: HK / Ireland

Source of Information: TVP’s website