Organization: NICE (Never-ending International workCamps Exchange)

Details: Effective training and preparation for productive workcamps are necessary, especially for those who are not initially motivated towards voluntary service and global citizenship. Training programs can be improved by utilizing our know-how and extensive networks. It is an opportunity to involve a wider segment of society, such as individuals who would not normally apply alone or those who have not had the opportunity. It can also act as a fundraising project for the community or to help support the group’s attendance at the workcamp.

Background: Workcamps organized for specific groups like schools, NGOs, companies, governments, etc. The content (type of work, place, period, finance, type or number of volunteers, etc.) depend on the needs of the groups and hosts.

Duration: Any time of the year and for any length of time. For details please refer to website

Website: Click Here

Nature: Workcamp

Region: Asia/International

Source of Information: Website of NICE