Organization: RUCHI

Detail:  It provides volunteers with an understanding of RUCHI and its goals of natural resource management, sustainability and community empowerment and development. Volunteers are also able to spend time in the field including visits to local villages and spending time with families. These experiences are wonderful insights into everyday life in rural India and are first-hand experiences that few international tourists will have the opportunity to enjoy.

Background: The International Volunteer Programme allows people interested in sustainable development to live in an Indian village and work along side local people on practical social, environmental and economic projects. Here, the volunteers will experience day to day life in a rural village.

Duration: 09/07 – 29/07/2012; 06/08 – 26/08/2012; 01/10 – 21/10/2012; 05/11 – 25/11/2012; 11/02 – 03/03/2013

Website: Click Here

Nature: Hands-on

Region: India/ International

Source of Information: RUCHI’s website