Our stomach is the best food “waste” processor. Everyone should learn to cook with leftovers to minimize food waste. Take a look at recipes as well as  Food Revolution Day Asia for further information on healthy diet and recipes.

Some local food banks and charities collect unwanted food from markets or hotels and provide meals for the needy. This attempt supports the underprivileged, while relieving the pressure on our landfills. To know more, check out here.

Producing fish food
Food waste can be turned into fish food with good nutritional value; it also costs one third of imported fish food. To know more, check out the following websites:
–  Kowloon Biotechnology Ltd.

Making cleansing products
Food waste can be made into non-toxic cleansing products. To know more, check out the following websites:
–  Environmental Enzyme

Making fertilizers
Food waste makes excellent ingredients for producing natural fertilizers. It can be done by composting or worm composting. To know more, check out the following websites:

–  Composting
–  Vemicomposting
–  British Composting Website

Organizations in Hong Kong like property management companies, housing estates and schools can apply to the  Environment and Conservation Fundfor assistance in purchasing their own composter.

Source: Friends of the Earth (HK)