–  Do not over-order when dining out

–  At weddings, birthday banquets or special occasions, remember to order no more than 6 main courses
(Click here to check the restaurant list providing six-courses menu in Hong Kong)

–  Bring your own box to take away leftover food

–  Do not buy or cook more than food than required at home

–  Make your own compost if possible, or make it easy for your property management to collect your food waste.

–  Store food properly; be aware of the expiration date

Some useful tips:
–  Keep the fridge at a cool 1-5 degrees

–  Keep in mind the different implications of expiry date on food packaging: “use by” means it can be dangerous to eat food past this   date; “best before” means it is still safe to eat food past this date, only the quality may not be the best (except eggs); “display until” or “sell by” is for shopkeepers’ reference only. Customers should check “use by” or “best before” date.

–  Store food according to instructions on food packaging, otherwise food may rot even before the expiry date.

Source: Friends of the Earth (HK)